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    MIUI10 on Redmi 4 Pro

    Hello, I've tried to install MIUI 10 on my Redmi 4 Prime, but the install doesn't finish (99% complete) I didn't wipe data but only cache. Do I have to do a full wipe before install this new version ? Thank you MIUI version : 8.4.26
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    Mi4c Random Crash / Reboot

    Hello, I've a similar problem with my Mi4C I bought 2 weeks ago. Random reboot Screen freeze and backlight issue Buttons not responding I tought it was because of Xposed, but after a hard reset, I've always some random reboot and screen freeze (less often than with Xposed). Can you help me...
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    My Mi2S says thank you !