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    Add Office365 account to calendar

    Hi fellas! I can't add my job calendar (Office 365) to the MIUI calendar any longer. Got it working before but lost it after an update. I've tried adding both IMAP/POP3 and Outlook in sync. options but I only get the option to sync e-mail. Does anyone have a solution to this? Seems weird not...
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    Google assistent instead of Google now?

    Hi fellas! Is there any reason Google Now is installed with the weekly rom instead of the improved(?) Google Assistant?
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    Applicable Devices Eligible For Miui 10

    I just did a local backup, worked fine! :)
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    *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* slowmo for Mi5s

    Hi fellas! I haven't gotten the slowmo to work for *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* Mi5s, does anyone have a solution? I've tried a couple of different releases from here: I also have Magisk 16.6 with the api2enabler module installed. Thanks!
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    Applicable Devices Eligible For Miui 10

    Can I make a local backup in MIUI 9 and import it to MIUI 10? (getting all the apps and such)
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    Applicable Devices Eligible For Miui 10

    When will it be available in july? Does anyone know how to merge apps and settings from miui 9 to 10?
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    Possible to save installed apps & folders etc. when upgrading to MIUI 10?

    Hi fellas! I wonder if it's possible to somehow get the same layout and installed apps when upgrading to MIUI 10? (MIUI weekly build) Would be a bit of a struggle to reinstall every single app and place them in the same folders etc. Thanks in advance!
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    Lag Problems With Camera In Snapchat & Instagram

    Anyone else having lag problems with camera in snapchat & instagram? Any fix? Skickat från min MI 5s via Tapatalk
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    Question: Problem "searching For Gps" In Snapchat

    Hi! My brother has a problem where he's repeatedly abrupted by "Searching for GPS" message while in the Snapchat app. Some smart fellow here should know how to fix it? :) Phone is Mi5, MIUI 9 latest weekly eu build. Magisk installed for root. Thanks in advance! /Marcus
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    MIUI 9 7.9.14/15

    Would love some simple setting for getting silent notifications but volume when someone is calling. It's pretty insane this doesn't seem to be possible right now...
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    Has Anyone Got Magisk Xposed Sdk 25 To Work?

    Just tried it. Seems to get stuck in bootloop for me. The Xposed version seems to be based on an old unofficial one though (v87, newest official is 87.2. But can't find one for MIUI)
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    Has Anyone Got Magisk Xposed Sdk 25 To Work?

    Awesome, will try the Magisk Xposed module. Thanks! :) Edit: BTW, have you tried any modules? Which works and which doesnt?
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    Has Anyone Got Magisk Xposed Sdk 25 To Work?

    Has anyone got Magisk Xposed SDK 24 to work? When I installed it the phone got into a bootloop, which is solved now though. I installed it from within Magisk manager and then rebooted. Here's the thread:
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    Camera Api 2 For Mi5s ?

    Hi! Just wondering, whats camera2 API? :)
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    Best Screen Protector?

    What do you mean? Can you explain?