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    MIUI 10 Stable for MI4C

    Same here, I've been using MIUI 9 but didn't want to go 10 since there was the EOL annoucement for 4c. So I installed the Lineage. I used to have Cyanogen back few years ago on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and it did let me use it for few more months cause the speed increase was quite significant. Now...
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    Camera After 5.1.1 -> 7.0 Upgrade

    My wife has Mi4c with 5.1.1 and I have Mi4c with 7.0. When comparing the photos I also see that her phone makes much more color intense pictures without any image editing or filters. Not sure if this is a problem of the drivers for the camera in Android kernel or the MIUI itself.
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    MIUI 9 7.9.14/15

    Anyone faced issue with "Digest verification failed" during install ? Mi4c TWRP 3.1.1-0
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    MIUI 9 7.9.7/8

    I have the 7.8.31 and I have the same problem - GPS is very unstable, during navigation it goes to 0,0 often - Mi4c
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    Mi4c Android 5.1.1 To 7.0

    Maybe, but the update process documentation is complete rubbish. I have not seen any sticky post that I need to go to android N first, not mentioned in the release notes of MIUI 9. @slimozis many thanks to you man, I have sucessfully updated TWRP and MIUI. Dzięki!
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    Mi4c Android 5.1.1 To 7.0

    Unfotunately it does not work. When I install it from TWRP it's the same what @marciez mentioned, "unknown command. Unmount of system failed. No such volume" error. After that I cleaned the dalvik and cache and rebooted. I left the phone for whole night and still there was black screen with...
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    Mi4c Android 5.1.1 To 7.0

    I made mistake when writing the message. Ofc I was on 6.12.22 not 6.12.12. But you say that I can install Nougat with TWRP as well? does the TWRP version matter? I have 3.0.2-0 installed
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    Mi4c Android 5.1.1 To 7.0

    How long should I wait when I have the black screen with white ****** letters? I have updated to 6.12.12 via TWRP performed dalvik + cache clean and after I selected the latest zip from Updater app. TWRP screen appeared and after it reboots the screen freezes on the black splash. I waited ~15-20...