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    iam using galaxy nexus ,, y MIUI is laggy on it :( ,, i used to use CM10 which is much faster ,, i really want to use MIUI HELP
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    is there extended settings for MIUI 2.4.13 ?
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    Preview New MIUI v4.0 Call Answering Interface

    not talking about the wallpaper ,, talking about the new answering interface ,, is there anyway we can use it in GB built ?
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    Preview New MIUI v4.0 Call Answering Interface

    is there any way that we can use that on the latest GB built
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    why choose miui ?

    cuz its the best ,,
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    galaxy s 1.10.14

    where can i download galaxy s 1.10.14 miui
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    disable wallpaper

    is there a mod to disable scrolling wallpaper for 1.9.30 or 1.9.23 ??? i hope someone can make it
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    battery problem

    dont need to fix anything else ,, just this problem ,, the battery is crab cant last a single day ,, the android system and os eats the battery PLZ fix THIS PROBLEM