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    MIUI 11.1 9.11.7

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    Mi Max 3. Same problem.
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    Chinese characters in a dialogue with permissions. This is normal?
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    Same problem. Phone is rebooting after enabling this option. Mi Max 3. P.S. Later I saw @Igor Eisberg answer. Thank you for clarifying the situation.
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    @ggkameleon Do you use a third-party font or theme?
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    @siryf Did you change the font or theme? This is a font issue. I had the same problem, after changing the font, the problem was gone.
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    @Igor Eisberg Returning to the problem with the calculator, which also stuck on 9.7.18, I found the reason - a third-party font, imported through Themes.
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    Thanks for the answer. I reinstalled the firmware. Before installation I made, as usual, format System, Vendor and wipe all caches. Also I delete the folders Android and MIUI. The result is the same. Video. No idea why this is happening yet.
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    I replaced the Calculator from the firmware for Mi Max 3 with the Calculator from firmware for Mi 6. It works without problems. So this is a build error.
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    #BUG MI Max 3 Calculator freezes when click on the button "minus". Tried to clear the app data and reboot. Same.
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    Yes, translation correct but missing in 9.6.20 for Mi Max 3. The default theme is used. The folder values-ru is missing in MiuiSystemUI.apk
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    Yes. I have decompiled the MiuiSystemUI.apk for checking values-ru. Folder values-ru with russian translation is missing.
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    Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (Nitrogen)
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    Devs, @ingbrzy @Igor Eisberg The translation in 9.6.20 is broken. The resource values-ru for Russian locale is missing in MiuiSystemUI.apk In repository values-ru are present. Please make the correct MiuiSystemUI with the addition of a Russian translation and make separate patch for it or...
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    Devs, @ingbrzy @Igor Eisberg the translation in 9.6.20 is broken! On Russian locale some screens in English. There are no changes in the repository for these screens.