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    MIUI 11.1 9.11.28

    Can't we downgrade after flashing 9.11.28 ? I'm using Mi 9T . can't even go back to the stable.
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    How to Unlock Bootloader, Unbrick and Install correctly MIUI 11 on MI9T (9.9.26 to 20.1.21)

    Yeah , I use weekly with TWRP. but the older versins doesn't boot after flashing 9.11.28 . tried flashing several , stable and weeklies. nthing boots. but 9.11.28 boots. so that i thought I can't downgrade and have to go with miflash, but even that doesn't work ':( can't downgrade.
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    How to Unlock Bootloader, Unbrick and Install correctly MIUI 11 on MI9T (9.9.26 to 20.1.21)

    why can't i downgrade ? Installed 9.11.28 and tried to go back to 9.10.24 but can't. tried the unbrick mehod , but the miflash tol says can't downgrade . any tip ?
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    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.22

    Got to agree with you there . Nice feature . Thanks Mark & team for the rom as always !!
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    Xiaomi New Miui V4 Lockscreens!

    Working fine on Nexus S . Many Thanks for this :)
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    Release MIUI 2.5.18 Multi-lang ROM [EN/CN/IT/PL/NL]

    That one doesn't seem to be updated & what i meant was that the mod should be added to the rom itself , like in CM9 , because it's a essential thing for flashaholics like us ;) Since Miui have got together the best mods in one place , my suggestion is , this one must be added to the rom it self .
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    Release MIUI 2.5.18 Multi-lang ROM [EN/CN/IT/PL/NL]

    Yeah ! this is getting better & better . The only thing I'm missing now In MIUIANDROID version is the 3-way ( 4-way ) power menu . Many Thanks Mark & Team .
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    Xiaomi MIUI Home (Launcher) now NATIVE for all ICS devices!

    works fine with CM9 on my Nexus S :) Thanks :D
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.4.27 Changelog [ICS]

    ShutUP !! lol :P
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.4.27 Preview Changelog

    Contacts issue gets fixed ? That's a relief :rolleyes:
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    Preview New updating UI for ICS

    Well , Its a nice feature , but the icon really looks unprofessional to me :| But , since it is changed by Xiaomi :D I think it could be customizable .
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.3.30 Changelog [ICS]

    Lots of changed and addons .. The one i really needed was " Merging Contacts" . Many thanks for the update :)
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    Preview MIUI ROM New Clock / Alarm functions

    Hope it'll be all English . Thanks Guys :)
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    Preview MIUI ROM v4 New 'Common' Settings coming this week

    ha ha . i asked for it & it is given ;) lol . Do you remember Mark ? In here post # 9 :
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    Preview MIUI V4 Camera UI

    Looks really nice. fed up with the ics camera ui . Miui should be different and cooler than stock right ? Next thing we need is a major change in settings menu . :D ..Generated from OodieMiui via Tapatalk..