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    New LMI 12.5 Fingerprint icon stuck at max brightness when screen off 12.5.5 stable, POCO F2 Pro. When the device is woken up to the lock screen and then put to sleep again via the power button (or letting it time out), the fingerprint icon lights up forever when the screen is off. This is done at max brightness and stays that way until the screen is...
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    New 12.5.10 some recent apps not open

    Hey mate, could you re-upload? It seems like it's expired. Thanks!
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    What's a "ROM Rebuild"?

    Yep, same for me. What was broken in the previous iteration of the ROM @Igor Eisberg ? Thank you!
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    [Solved] bring back Notification Importance settings to hide icons from ONLY status bar

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I'm using customiuizer on MIUI 12 (Android 10), 12.0.8 stable and have been waiting for a fix for this until I update. Can I change the notification visibility from the status bar using only customiuizer or do I still need to change the XML? Thanks!
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    How to lower notification priorities?

    I've had the same issue when upgrading to the first Android 11 beta of MIUI. Seems like it's still not "fixed" (not a bug apparently).
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Yes, I'd like to know the same, and are the notification priority settings back? Still on 12.0.8 stable because of them missing in MIUI 12 android 12.
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Android 11 is quite bad on stable right now IMHO. It's stable, but too many features missing. Not having the option to set notification levels/priorities for example is a dealbreaker for me. No idea how this can be called a stable version, but I guess it is, as it doesn't crash and is...
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    This is still an issue. Happens every couple of days. I have to pull the sims out, turn the phone off and on again, then it works again for a couple of days. Didn't happen with Can anyone confirm? Edit: the second sim always works. When this happens, even telephony doesn't work with...
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    HMK20/Mi9T: Went from stable V12.0.3.0.QFJCNXM to stable V12.0.4.0.QFJCNXM and now my first sim card doesn't connect to the network properly. When I toggle mobile data on for my first sim card, it instantly toggles itself off ("4G" visible in the status bar for half a second). Any ideas? Thank...
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    New K20pro miui 11 dual apps. +LOG (Updated)

    Works for me in current stable (Android 10), on Mi 9T. After the upgrade from the previous stable (Android 9) I had to disable the dual app user completely via the dual apps menu, let it sit and wait for the reboot, then enable dual apps again.
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    Has anyone tried CustoMIUIzer with this stable version? Do the customizations such as separate volume controls still work? Thank you