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    Cant see my pictures in Miui Gallery and cant see music in MIUI Music

    Same problem with mine, and it applies to a few different music players. It seemed to happen suddenly too. I started a bug thread but it seems to have been widely ignored. I have even got a new SD card and the same problem applies.
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    SD card problem

    No one? I've just bought a brand new SD and the problem still exists. The Miui music player doesn't recognise any tracks, neither does bTunes, TuneWiki or MixZing.
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    SD card problem

    For some reason I have suddenly lost usual access to my SD card. So, the lists in the music app are empty, as is the gallery. I've just updated to 1.3.11 but there is no difference. I have tried another SD card and the same problem occurs. However, if I go through File Explorer I can...