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    Battery life really sucks compared to CM7

    +1 [10 char]
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    [REQ] Delete Music Widget from Launcher

    use widgetlocker!
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    What's the proper way of updating MIUI?

    As far as i understand you can just flash the new version over the old one. If there's a problem afterwards you can start whipping cache(s), fix permissions or do a factory reset, whipe cache(s) and re-flash the new one...
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    cwm nandroid backup checksum error

    Hello y'all, I tried to restore a nandroid (cwm) backup but i get a checksum error (mds). ? Miui 1.10.14
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    Many important suggestion (please say all of these to miui devs) (Updated 02.11.11)

    Let me have a choice which agenda-app i want to use. (ability to choose a default agenda/calendar/view)