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    a little help needed

    I don't have the right to give anyone advise, but that's weird... I've been on CWM for months now for my Dinc, and when I open up ROm Manager, go to the bottom I can Flash older versions of CWM but that only goes as far back as I'm guessing either the versions are different...
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    Random SMS reboots

    54 SMS related Reboots in 7 days, and I tried alot of fixes. Then I came across Superuser. Unlike my last superuser that only listed ROOT- related apps, this one contains potential nuisances. Such as; Shoprite, Maps and Lookout Mobile security. Seems that all three were set to 'Always Ask' for...
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    that link's not working, comes up: COULD NOT FIND OBJECT