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    [MI8 - dipper] MIUI Camera vs BSG Google Camera Port

    Thanks! Are you using the GCAM stock in Havoc or another version?
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    [MI8 - dipper] MIUI Camera vs BSG Google Camera Port

    Hi, I'm on last Havoc for Mi8. The best configuration for GCAM is still that of the first post? Thanks!
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    (Question) TWRP Backup - Which folder?

    If you backup everything, on restore operation you can choose every singol item. Inviato dal mio Mi 8 utilizzando Tapatalk
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    (Question) TWRP Backup - Which folder?

    Data System Image Boot
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    [04/04/2019] [MI 8 GCAM] Xiaomi MI 8 Google Camera Mod (Stable) [BSG]

    Well, I install this app and I don't change anything in config to get the best performance, don't you?
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    New TWRP, 21 languages, Nandroid Backup (1401), Global Rom compatible

    Racap I install twrp and flashing ROM. I made a full nandroid backup and if I want to restore my backup I can but on reboot I re install twrp. After that all works fine? Is it true?
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    MIUI 10 8.10.11

    Does “ok google” work in this ROM for Mi8?
  8. Pezzo from Global 8.10.11

    Now I have a unlocked bootloader. I think that to return to Global I must use miflash without check "clean all and lock", correct?
  9. Pezzo from Global 8.10.11

    OK, I can install ROM. What about if I'll wish to install a Global ROM in the future, Will I be able to do it?
  10. Pezzo from Global 8.10.11

    Hi, I have a MI8 Chinese version with unlocked bootloader and miui global version 8.10.11 running. Can I install a ROM without any problems? Thanks in advanced!
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    MIUI 10 8.8.9

    Is this file for correctly to install Mi 8 dipper ?
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    MIUI 10 8.7.26

    Me too
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    MIUI 10 8.7.19

    MI8 upgraded from 8.7.12... so far so good
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    MI 8 - shutdown problem

    Nothing. I shutdown the phone, wait 1 minutes, I hit volume key but it don't awakes. It seems off. To turn on the phone I have got to press and hold the power button for more then 5 sec.
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    MI 8 - shutdown problem

    Exactly! Do you have any idea to solve it?