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    Hi thanks for your hard work every week, when will get the Mi 6X a stable ROM of Miui 12 Rom ?
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    MIUI 12.1 20.6.18

    Today i make a clean new Install of 20.06.18 Rom on my 6x and the Mi Cleaner App dont works and have no Icon and the Play Store dont work,please see Screenshot and please fix it in the next Update,Thanks for your hard work every week.
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    Wifi Problem

    I have Fix the Problem with this Link:
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    Wifi Problem

    I have the problem by the China Firmware and also by Rom after Flash Wifi works i can Login in my Account and Recovery all my Files but after when i reboot my Phone Wifi dont works it is blue gray,but when i make Factory Reset Wifi works again,only when i dont Reboot my Phone. I need...
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    MIUI 12.0 20.6.4

    Fist,Thank you for your Hard Work every Week. Today i unlook my Xiaomi 6x with China Firmware after i install TWRP and Format my System and i install 20.6.4 with Sideloader my Phone Start i can connect to Wifi and I can Login to my Xiaomi Account and recovery all my Apps and...
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    MIUI 11.1 9.10.31

    Thanks for your hard work on this Rom, Sinze i make a Update from 9.10.17 to 9.10.31 my Fingerprint Senor dont works on my Mi 6x can you please fix it on the next Update.
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    MI6X Long press Home Button for Ok Google do not work.
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    Thanks for your hard work,but there is a rom bug in this rom on my 6x all 1min i lost connection to my xiaomi bluetooth earphone,can you please fix the bluetooth bug in the next updates or can you tell xiaomi about the bluetooth problem,when you search in this forum many people have with Miui 10...
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    Hi have install MIUI 9.3.14 clean new on my 6x all works but only when i press long the home button google assistant dont start .In my settings it is active for long press home button ? How can i fix it,or it will be fix in the next update ? Thanks the Team for your hard work every week.
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    Hi thanks for the rom for my 6x but with this rom i have a big problem,when i open the camera app and make a picture i get the error message no coneticon to the camera and the app close,i made a update from old rom to this new rom and also a clean new instalation but the same camera app dont...
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    8.6.21 v2

    Do you have a Link ? Thanks
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    8.6.21 v2

    Hi please relase a Miui 10 for 6X,Thanks for your great work.
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    New Xiaomi 6x Twrp_wayne

    Try to install the Xiaomi Windows 10 driver,by me there was no problems by sideload
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    Does Mi6x Has Any Stable Eu Global Based Rom?

    This is the Eu Version with better GPS for Europe is more better than the China Version
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    Does Mi6x Has Any Stable Eu Global Based Rom?

    Hi i us one my 6x the 8.5.17 Version with root works perfect