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    I'm Sorry

    Can't satisfy them all. Good luck to you in the future. I'm sticking with MIUI for now, I've tried them all (CM7, MIUI, Sense, Stock, etc) they all have their pros and cons. I chose MIUI because stock just doesn't have enough features (like trackball wake for example) and CM7 is great but...
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    Haptic Feedback

    Thanks for your reply. Its good to know there's some hope since Nexus One and Nexus S are very similar. I will do some more digging on google. But if anyone knows more info about this, please let me know here, thanks!
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    Haptic Feedback

    I think since Android 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 anytime you press a soft key with haptic feedback enabled, it vibrates twice. This is very annoying. Anyway to fix this? Or do I have to downgrade to 2.3.3 again. :/
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    i'd like one too please thanks!
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    What's MIUI Pronunciation???

    The UI part stands for User Interface So it has to be pronounced as such. "My UI".
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    Good Prices New Phone?

    I wanted to buy someone an android phone. Most likely a Nexus 1. I see plenty listed on ebay, but... I wanted to know are buy it now prices of $275-$300 fair for a brand new unlocked Nexus One? Or am I getting ripped off since this phone came out almost 2 years ago?
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    Netflix not working with miui 2.3?

    Works perfect for me, tested it by watching a few episodes of Futurama. I'm in California, using my home wireless running Miui 1.4.29.
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    Video Players

    Anyone know a good free app that can play AVI files? Thanks.
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    Report a user

    This thread needs to be locked... The last couple jokes are just uncalled for and offensive especially to anyone who has a family member with special needs.
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    Report a user

    Yeah, kind of an overreaction, this is the internet, I don't mean to be rude but you need to get some tougher skin. Other than that, PM a mod if its a serious matter, starting a thread is not the right idea. I hope your issue gets resolved though.
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    Antivirus / antimalware app

    I don't run any. Even on my PC, I went 2 years without a firewall or antivirus, no problems. The best antivirus is your brain. As long as you're not downloading untrustworthy apps or things from the web such as porn. :) You should be fine. But there's always that chance, anything can...
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    Do I uninstall old Roms ?

    Well I'm not an expert but the "Clockwork Recovery Mod" wiping process of the ROM (data, apps, battery stats, dalvik cache, etc) takes care of uninstalling your ROM. Then you would "install" the new rom by flashing it using "ROM Manager". P.S. After setting everything up, you could then...
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    (Light) Orchis UI vs. (Dark) Orchis UI

    I agree with the above posters, dark ui's are better than light ui's. It just looks better, things stand out more, and battery life is better especially on AMOLED screen devices like the Nexus One.
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    Opera mobile 11

    Same problem here. Stock settings, and a lot of sites I visit look distorted. Went back to using Miren Browser, which is the best in my opinion.
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    Lockscreen Customization?

    Okay, Thanks.