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    Location Services on Mi9 with Miui version

    Same, it is quite troublesome. I think the toggle in notification bar now enable or disable location, not necessarily the GPS. Some apps don't use the GPS, some do, but we cannot control this now.
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    Location issue

    No one for this problem? apps cannot access location without using GPS....
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    Location issue

    I am on the latest dev version. To enable access to location by the apps now I must turn on the GPS. Before apps could access location by wi-fi or using the signal. I cannot find where to change this, I only find the option to access location but it turns on the GPS. Is it normal? Thanks.
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    Finger print

    I would not say 100% but better, scanner is still unreliable or slow sometimes. The problem is that this way you cannot save many fingerprints.
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    MI9 display overclock to 84Hz

    Well, I did it on 9.6.20 with no issue.
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    MI9 display overclock to 84Hz

    Testing it, it is really smooth indeed, like having a new phone!
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    photo application??

    Same here, with some force closes. I have erased data of the app and restarted the phone and only had wide angle without distortion correction and x2 zoom! And force closes. I am also using French language.
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    TWRP not updating

    Just transfert the file normally when your phone is on and plugged to your PC. Then install the file using TWRP. I don't use the Installer in the rom now, as it has encrypt my files and I couldn't access now I just copy the zip when the phone is on and then go to TWRP to install it.
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    Bootloader unlock - Message Couldn´t unlock

    They clearly state that you have to use your phone when you wait for unlock permission. But I don't know if the problem comes from this.
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    Impossible to unlock something strange into Fastboot mode?

    Did you have asked Xiaomi for the permission to unlock your phone? You should apply for permission first, then probably wait and get a code to be able to unlock it (maybe you already know, just in case ;) )
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    Bootloader unlock - Message Couldn´t unlock

    Did you use the phone during the waiting time? You should use your phone, not only wait.
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    Mi9 front fingerprint icon not showing after flashing to

    Settings > lock screen and password > Manage fingerprints > Show fingerprint icon when screen is off
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    Yeah thank you, I have finally found it elsewhere too. But why it is not available on the Rom downloads section?
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    B28 (LTE) on Mi9 (Taiwan Version) with EU ROM

    No, flashing roms doesn't affect the bands.
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    There is no where to download it for the Mi9 too. I had the notification to update on my phone but don't want to install it as last time I have tried it has encrypted my TWRP and I couldn't do anything except wipe all data and flash TWRP and rom again :(