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    Browser Night mode

    The miui browser has an option to enable "Night Mode". (when in the browser, hit <menu> button, <more><brightness>) Does anyone know what it does ? I was hoping it would invert my background and foreground (font) colors for easier reading (white letters on a black background.). But that...
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    File explorer delete files

    When I delete a file using the miui explorer, the file is actually deleted, but is still displayed in the explorer. Refreshing the list doesn't solve this issue...(neither does restarting the phone, closing the app or anything) Any have the same experience ? Sander.
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    Miui updater downloading old versions

    yep. same here.
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    OTA Update not working [UPDATE!!]

    I found this : I installed (I have CWM) and now waiting for friday to see if it worked ;-)
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    OTA Update not working [UPDATE!!]

    HTC Desire : Mine also says no updates found.... (Is there a location to download them manually, without the use of rom manager) ?