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    9.8.29/9.9.3/9.9.6 - Last MIUI 10

    Good bye MIUI10, welcome MIUI11.
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    Downloading for my Mi Pad 4 Plus, thank you.
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    Or the one with Mojave desert, please. I only found the videos used by the theme, but not the theme itself. Thank you.
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    It's a pity as it is a nice device. Anyway, thank you for your hard work, you do a relly nice job with EU ROM.
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    Ok, thanks. I haven't seen the untouched CN ROM so had no idea how it looks like. I just compared it to the one on my Mi8 and missed this useful feature. Is there a plan to enable this on future weekly EU ROM for Mi Pad 4/Plus? Thank you.
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    Make sense. And what about the standard charging screen (see screenshots from my Mi8)? I tried to search the Internet but couldn't found the reason why it is missing. As I received my Mi Pad 4 Plus unlocked and switched immediately to ROM, I don't know if it is the case with the stock...
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    Hello Igor, Is Mi Pad 4 (Plus) also an exception? I just bought mine and flashed 9.3.21, but there is no sign of any charging indicator on the lock screen except the battery percent in the top right corner (even the green circle with % is missing - together with the new animation) opposed to my...