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    MIUI 1.1.14 R2 {Met Nederlands} - Fouten/Suggesties

    Ik ben zelf bezig met ROMs ontwikkelen en wil jullie wel helpen... Misschien kunnen we een eigen versie maken (van 1.1.26). Ik weet niet of jullie een account hebben op, maar daar ga ik en nog iemand een topic maken over MIUI. Hopelijk trekken we dan meer Nederlandse mensen aan....
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    New MIUI blog website

    I will update it as much as possible. That's a good idea, thanks :). Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App
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    New MIUI blog website

    I've create a new domain for it:
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    New Market App For MIUI

    I just flashed it and it's working perfectly! Thanks!!
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    New MIUI blog website

    Thanks, but can a MIUI-dev founder please give an answer on my question?
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    New MIUI blog website

    Hey, I am a webdeveloper and I think MIUI is one of the best ROMs ever made. Therefore, I created a new website dedicated to MIUI and related Android stuff. My purpose is to create a list of all good themes out there for MIUI and have a list of nice user mods :).
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    Miui Port To Galaxy Spica

    MIUI isn't open-source.
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    3 HTC IME mod Themed Keyboards (Blue/DarkBlue - Grey/Blue - Blue/Green)

    I have made 3 themed keyboards, based on HTC IME mod v0.27. Blue/DarkBlue Inspired by the stock MIUI keyboard Grey/Blue Inspired by the Contacts app from MIUI Blue/Green Inspired by the Dialer app from MIUI The following languages are included: English Czech Danish...
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    Wifi Battery Usage

    My Wi-Fi battery usage is 85%. On other ROMs this is around 13% with Display 65%. You are not the first one who says this. On xda-dev they talked about this too, starting with this from here: