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    MULTI MIUI v5 Multi Lang 3.4.26

    Links are down for a few hours
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    3.4.12 for i9100 is now Sammy based
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    Unofficial yes but this is what they beta test, right? I can't think that they will release something different from what they are testing.
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    What a dissapointment for Samsung Galaxy S II users! After a year of being stuck in Android 4.0.3, MIUI decided to use some guy's six month old 4.1.2 cooked rom from XDA, as a base for V5 :eek:
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    MIUI v5 Preview

    Let's hope that i9100 wil come with JB v5 :p
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.2.8 Changelog

    Still no Jelly Bean for SGS2 i9100, it's almost a year in 4.0.3...:(
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    There is little activity because MIUI China is soooo slow in updating base roms. For example SGS2 is still on an old 4.0.3 base while it has been updated to 4.0.4 more than six months ago and SGS3 has been updated to Jelly Bean more than a month and it's still on ICS. Only these two models have...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.10.19 Changelog (Week 111)

    SGS2 is still on 4.0.3 and you are crying about Jelly Bean, next year maybe.
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.9.14 Changelog

    Still a five months old rom base for SGS2 and official Jelly Bean will come late November. So maybe i will come back here in 2013 to see if any updates have been made on the most popular android device.
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.9.7 Changelog (preview)

    Still using five months old rom as a base for SGS 2 :mad:
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.31 Changelog

    Apart the fixes that Android 4.04 OS brings there are hundred of fixes in the ROM base by Samsung, newer kernel with fixes, newer radios etc. ZSLPG which is being used as a base in MIUI is 5 months old, you can imagine the amount of changes in ROM, modem and kernel level all this months.
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.31 Changelog

    I was expecting SGS2 version bump to 4.0.4 based on ZSLPP but still nothing.
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    MIUI v4 ICS for various devices!

    It seems to work but some things like the names of days and months are not translated, im getting Monday and August on lock screen and some widgets like Beautiful Widgets also some options are in Russian.
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    MIUI v4 ICS for various devices!

    In a while i will try it on my SGS2, just came back home.