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    Issue after Android 10 Update

    After updating to Android 10 and doing a factory reset to have a fresh start on my Mi A2 6/128 GB, it's always shown to me under settings a suggestion to add another email account (see picture). I already have my personal and professional accounts configured and that suggestion don't go...
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    [SOLVED]WiFi problems (Redmi Note8T)

    Cannot stream music áudio via bluetooth to my car. Calls works fine. [emoji20]
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    Some bugs or misconfiguration?

    Hi tico_ocit answers inline . :) Regards.
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    Some bugs or misconfiguration?

    Hello, i've just bought a Note 8T after being quite satisfied with my first Xiaomi phone, an A2 6GB/128GB. However i've notice a few issues that i would like to question if is a misuse from me or a bug present on the Note 8T Miui 11. 1) The shortcut button for AutoRotation present on the...