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    Using Miui v4 Rom Abroad

    Yeah i always keep it enabled, hmm maybe a phone call could do the trick, many thanks.
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    Using Miui v4 Rom Abroad

    Hey guys, Im currently using the latest update of v4. However, i went to italy just before crimbo and i had no Signal whats so ever, im on orange and therefore share t-mobile signal and would of thought that i would have plenty of signal. Im wondering is it to do with the rom or my phone...
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    rolling back?

    Yes you can, you can use clockwork to make a full backup. and then if you ojnly want to restore certain sections, go into recovery, backup and restore then go into advanced restore.
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    How do Xiaomi and this website make money, or at least survive?

    By making roms for other phones it counts as an advertising/marketing scheme. For those who are interested in making an awesome phone with cool little niches and improved phone capabilities/stats etc, they will try out anything that is available and free! As soon as you have got your cool phone...