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    Latest stable, battery

    Hi there, anybody using latest EU stable and can advise about battery life? What's the best muiu10 rom for battery life in your opinion? Thank you
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    MI 4S - EOL, new phone?

    I didn't see any difference in battery life in MIUI10 roms.
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    Just only FASTBOOT works

    Try this If you haven't tried yet.
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    MI 4S - EOL, new phone?

    Hi There MI 4S owners. Now when our device is EOL and no more updates are expected from Xiaomi eu are you going to stay on latest eu weekly or shift to eu stable? Are you thinking about getting new phone? If yes, what will be your choice? I will try stable version as its likely I will be...
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    Battery Miui 9

    Hi. I thought i will give it one more go. Updated to latest weekly and after flash from twrp i did Wipe Cashe/Dalvik. First day the battery behaved wierd so I have drained the battery to 2% and fully charged to 100% over night and yesterday i end up with 67% battery after rather busy day. Which...
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    Battery Miui 9

    Same problem here. I have also noticed that during flash from TWRP my battery reading dropped from 80 to 20%. On miui 9 just one day on battery same consumption as you mentioned. I have rolled back to miui 8. Are the new weekly miui 9 any better for battery?