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    New alternative to DropBox - SpiderOak, Get 6GB online free online storage here!

    Sign up to SpiderOak and use promo code "WORLDBACKUPDAY" to get 5GB f you use this link you get an extra 1GB so 6GB!
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    MIUI Changelog for 22nd week 1.1.21

    What's Orchis Mark?
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    Too loud volume in calls.

    This is what I've started doing. Might have to try a different kernel.
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    reboot depression

    Try updating your recovery to the latest amon_ra 2.1.1
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    reboot depression

    Did you completely wipe after coming from CM6? If not this could cause the problem.
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    MIUI 1.7.0 Early Release Notes?

    Discussion here already -
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    MIUI Weather/Clock Widget Now Available in Market

    So not the one we've been waiting for then? It's not made by the MIUI team. Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    Miui 0.12.31 release notes

    Cheers Mark
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    12.31 release notes?

    Any release notes for 12.31 yet?
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    New Market App For MIUI

    This is pretty much exactly what I did, however I installed the English pack for 12.11 aswell. I believe MarkHUK has also followed these steps and had the same positive results.
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    New Server

    Wow, dedicated server, thanks rasengan! Looking forward to the re-design, what other things can we expect to see coming Mark?
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    Weather app ?

    See here -
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    MIUI goal for the next 2 weeks!!

    Wow, looks awesome!
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    0.12.17 theme manager forced close on Milestone

    Works fine on my Nexus One. Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    GMail Update: How to update in MIUI.

    My update worked like normal. Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App