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    Fluctuating audio playback

    I think it is the same bug I tried to explain in other 2 threads in this forum... I ended up believing that is a miui player issue, because it seems to happen only when playing music with the miui player, but no with winamp... and only happens with headphones
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    build.prop.fingerprint market issue - SGS / NS

    I have an SGS and a NexusS, and I've been using MIUI for the last 3 months... every time I do an update I have to fix manually build.prop.fingerprint or I am unable to see lots of apps that I payed for. For example if I try to search for Navionics, nothing appears...the same if you search for...
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    Battery draining + call waiting + media player automatic sound up problems

    Same here... the most important for me is the 2 and 4