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    Xiaomi MIUI Home (Launcher) now NATIVE for all ICS devices!

    Sorry if it's been mentioned or asked before, but are there plans to bring in app badges for messages, gmail, phone (maybe even some others like facebook, g+, etc.)? PS - Running this over CM9 on my Nexus S is awesome. Lets me completely change the feeling of my phone without having to flash...
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    sent! sent!
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    Picture Widgets not Updating

    Added 4 picture widgets and none are showing the right image. If I hit the edit button on the widget it shows the correct image. Tried wiping cache and reflashing. Sent from my Nexus S using the forum app
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    Scroll to the top

    Is there a hack/plugin available that will mock the "scroll-to-the-top" function in iOS? It happens when you tap on the menu/notification bar. Thanks :) Sent from my Nexus S using the forum app
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    miui-dev app apk

    perfect! thx!