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    Android Messaging app FC

    also a shot in the dark.. but go into superuser and put all permissions to allow, including lookout
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    1.7.1 Home Button

    its not a bug.. it was moved to the menu, the "preview" option.
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    battery drains

    i dont use the new lock screens.. sensor for screen rotate is using ridiculous amounts of bettery and also alarmmanager service is being called on way to much
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    battery drains

    you are not alone... same here... desireZ 1.6.17
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    how do u figure.. what u r doing is breaking the framework and more.. if u push with the correct files it works.. u dont need to use the updater app(i realize its a chinese based app w/o translation) , but the new theme manager is dependant upon it.. so when it calls for it and it is not...
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    sorrry to say this but u r all wrong.. it is dependant on the "updater.apk" that is removed with LP script.. if u install the default ThemeManager.apk from the deodex 1.6.10 along with Updater.apk it will fix the FC! pull the ThemeManager.apk from the Language Pack pull the Updater.apk from...
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    DesireZ 1.6.3 FC when applying themes, wallpapers, ringtones. Even though they still seem to apply if you wait a few seconds, you get an immediate FC after hitting apply...
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    [BUG][1.6.3] Improper notification icon showing

    +1 desireZ 1.6.3.. please fix
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    Mms photos

    same issue here desireZ 1.5.27.. cant save at all or crop
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    1.5.27 MMS/SMS Force Close

    after using the mms fix I seem to be getting FC when receiving message.. it happens when the popup windows is supposed to show... disable the popup and no FC??? any ideas?
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    phone.apk FC

    i just tried and got the FC... this weeks build is kinda buggy...
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    Netflix blackscreen 1.5.27

    DesireZ 1.5.27 Netflix is no longer working. Only displays black screen with audio. Was working in last build 1.5.20
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    Are the meny settings "choppy" even in this release?

    yes.. desireZ 1.5.27
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    Call Mute

    thanks mark.. will try and report back..
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    Call Mute

    Same issue with 1.5.20 DesireZ. Call mute not working. It can be enabled while on the call but does not mute, the other party still hears you. Pls fix. Thanx in advance!