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    Redmi Note 4 - Touch Screen Not Working In Twrp

    Hi, I had the same problem, solved with this topic: This twrp is in chineese after the instalation, but is easy to change the language to english, by tapping on settings/language menu on TWRP. It will be great if could be updated the link of this...
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    New Mi4i Do Not Ask For Sim Number To Make Calls With Numbers Starting By 911 Xxx Xxx

    I check that on Mi4i, also with last version 6.4.7 or with stable version MIUIv7.2 from, if I have an contact number that begins with 911 xxx xxx without country code, when I press on contact, always make the call on SIM1 without ask the SIM number. If I put the country code on my case...
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    How To Update Minote ?

    Yes I am on 4.4... Thank you for your advise! It works ok like that. 1st I install TWRP 3.0 with flashify 2nd update on menu settings/updater with 5.12.17 kk version 3rd update on menu settings/updater with 6.3.3 M version, and all runs ok! Thank you for support.
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    How To Update Minote ?

    Hi! Now with version virgo_6.3.3_v7-6.0 it still necessary this precedure to upgrade from kitkat version to android M, or it is suficient instal the TWRP by oficiall updater, and after upgrade with this new version virgo_6.3.3_v7-6.0?? Thank you very much for your support! :-)