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    [GUIDE][odin] How to install ROM for Xiaomi MIX 4

    Would have said anything from is official :)
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    [GUIDE][odin] How to install ROM for Xiaomi MIX 4

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm on Odin. So it's safe to use that TWRP? Because I didn't find one on the official site and basically the entire internet was like: don't you even dare to install a non official TWRP
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    [GUIDE][odin] How to install ROM for Xiaomi MIX 4

    I was wondering, is there a reason the newest update 12.5.12 isn't available as a fastboot? TWRP hasn't been officially released right?
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    Reinstall after stuck at Fastboot - Newbie Question

    UPDATE I used the fastboot_update_rom script and everything works fine now :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, I messed up. I didn't read properly and installed the latest Update on my MIX 4 via the TWRP...
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    Questions before "upgrading" to ROM

    Hey Guys, I'm new to this community, so please forgive me for my questions :) I'm using a Mi MIX 2S 128 GB and now that Xiaomi is supporting the device less and less I wanted to extend its life circle and upgrade to But I have a few questions. First: Are normal MIUI Backups...