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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    where do i download the miui control panel?
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    Google+ or -> pls try both, thanks in advanced!
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    Wallhack for 1.7.8.

    oh, that u mean, thought on CounterStrike with WallHack :P
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    Wallhack for 1.7.8.

    loool, joke, or? :´D -Toisan
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    The next device to be upgraded to 2.3 is ******

    And this is BULLSHIT!! Sry for writting so much "dirty words" :P doesnt know a better word for it ;)
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    The next device to be upgraded to 2.3 is ******

    ******* Idiots on Miui!!! Look, Desire and Nexus used this ******* Rom now since more than 6 Month, u are using it until 2 Monts?! Why are w8 much longer than the rest! Miui should start this like the Beginning, not with this ******* new Devices!!! Man, this sucks, hate them! How great...
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    Nope, it isnt! only for Nexus s yet! ... I´m w8 too for Desire :)
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    Miui 0.1.14 release notes

    Nice one! :)
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    Changing your fonts [ How to ]

    pls pls pls pls pls ! wrote quick a tutorial! cheers!
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    MIUI goal for the next 2 weeks!!

    Thats Great, and cant w8 for the miui gallery! gallery3d from google sucks! Thanks!