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    [APP] Toggle 2G/3G (Tasker/Locale plugin) [v0.0.16] Supports MIUI

    Hello to all, I don't know if you know this brilliant application but base to the author there is possible to have it in the MIUI ROM. I have tried to import in our HD2 ROM but without any success. So, please could you help in order to include this valuable apk in our MIUI ROM? Thanks
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    The Overscroll_ESR.v2 doesn't solve the green icon issue with the HD2. Any other solution?
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Any solution because the default green icons are ungly!!!!
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Is it possible to upload the default signal icon because the green doesn't like me
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    Default Ring Tones of 1.8.26

    The original from China forum is the following: ro.config.ringtone=MI.ogg ro.config.notification_sound=FadeIn.ogg ro.config.alarm_alert=ClassicAlarm.ogg
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    Default Ring Tones of 1.8.26

    Hello to all, I have upgrade to 1.8.26 and there aren't avaialble the default ring tones for Ringtone, Notification, Alarm. In the properties of the builg.prop there are the follwoing: ro.config.ringtone=Pegasus.ogg ro.config.notification_sound=Polaris.ogg...
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    Mobile Data Always On

    Thank you for your reply but how i could find the application that trying to connect to the NET via data connection. (One solution is to check it one-per-one)
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Is it possible to mention the differences between Extended Settings Menu Options vs. iPhoneStyle?
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    Mobile Data Always On

    Hello to all, I would like to have the mobile data always on but i need to check and block which programs running and request mobile data in the background? I want to have only the basic application like Gmail,etc....
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    [REQ/MOD] Smoother Scrolling

    Hello to all, It would be good idea to start searching to find to improve the scrolling feeling in the MIUI ROM. I mean to have more responsive feeling in the scrolling/touching the topbar e.g. If I remember correct in one update this was improve from MIUI developer but it would be good...
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    The Mod for Center Clock working in 1.8.5 in the HD2
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    MIUI 1.8.5 Greek language pack

    Also upload for the HD2. It will be gratefully to make it in regular base
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    MIUI 1.07.15 Greek language pack for various devices

    Also upload for the HD2....
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    Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**

    It will be goog idea to be possible to hide in the Call Log some entries (inside the DND it will be great)
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    Miui-dev.apk for direct connect to forum

    Please upload the apk maybe mine it is too old!!!