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    today's update coming in HOT!!!

    too much translation work to do.... if u guys need i will try to do that later.... can't wait, OTA's coming in 10 min. lol~~~ details plz visit:
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    wow~~new lock screen & icons on tomorrow's OTA~~~

    I will try to let the miui dev team know that, I argue with you that transparent lock screen might look letter
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    wow~~new lock screen & icons on tomorrow's OTA~~~

    don't hate the new icon set first if you don't like it, coz u can always change the theme~~~ like or not, miui is contributing to android, a big thanks~~~
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    SMS theming coming in this week's OTA

    can't wait...
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    [Nov. 16 - ver.1.5.2] MIUI weather update

    support phones:HTC G5、G7、Incredible,MOTO XT800、XT701、XT702、Sholes/Droid/Milestone、三星i9000 required firmware: 2.1/2.2 file size: 4.9M updates: 1、fix positioning issue 2、update prompt issue 3、added weather data download link: office...
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    ?11?12? 12nd week?MIUI OTA preview

    sorry, the miui official site hasn't posted any screenshot yet.
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    ?11?12? 12nd week?MIUI OTA preview

    this week's OTA: recommended features? 1, add frequently used msgs in text msg -> attachment 2, add usb settings option after connect phone via usb msg: add: frequently used msgs add: unread msg counter fix: system time changes back to 1970 after recover backup desktop: add: luna calendar...
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    Welcome to MIUI-DEV

    great work guys~~~