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    Android AOSP Rom

    Hello Could be made an Pure AOSP Rom, without the fuzz and buzz ?! That will be real nice and for sure more compatible with EU,US standards ! Thanks
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    USB Mass Storage - Enable

    Hello. Could add support for USB Mass Storage mount for sdcard, as the MTP is the worst possible way to lose files ! UMS or USB Mass Storage for sdcard is a must be feature and very useful. USB Mass Storage has Maximum Speed for Read and most important thing WRiTE ! When MTP is the lowest...
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    Invalid 9.12.26 - Mi 9 Lite - FMradio and statusbar icons

    Hello. FM Radio sounds cracking and popping, and it stops by itself for 1,2 sec then can be listen again and again stops 1,2 sec then again.. In all Xiaomi rom's it has the same proplem, very, very bad radio reception, less scanned channels than other devices too. With another android device...
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.12

    Wonderful work, thank you all ! still one question, is it possible to add support for the app DriveDroid I need this badly real badly ! Thanks again!