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    MIUI 10.3 9.3.28

    On mi5s fingerprint is not working
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    Xiomi Mi5s guida per passaggio a "Android 8.0"

    No, per quello esiste quella apposta
  3. V MIUI is out for Mi5S.

    Battery life? There is any battery drain?
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    Mi 5S Android Pie?

    Yes but 5x was released 6 month or maybe more after mi 5s and between 8.0 or 8.1 I don't think will be big changes...
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    Mi 5S Android Pie?

    Yes...already done
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    Mi 5S Android Pie?

    Usually smartphones receive 2 major updates. For us are Nougat and Oreo so maybe it's the end. Mi5 is already in EOL so I don't have any hope to receive other Android updates, When will be in EOL I will pass to Lineage OS maybe
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    MIUI 10.3 8.12.20

    The same happened to me with a vocal message, maybe a WhatsApp error server side (?), remade the vocal message and sent normally
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    Mi5s 8.11.29 gps/maps not working

    Only cache/dalvik the other in "dirty" mode
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    Mi5s 8.11.29 gps/maps not working

    Hi, with last 3 Dev Roms maps and GPS are not working. Maps and waze, both, find the GPS but when I click to use navigator mode they write "searching GPS" and don't work..advice? Workaround?
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    MIUI 10.2 8.11.22/23

    Try to set 0,5x on animation settings in developer option (you must unlock the developer option clicking on MIUI version in settings)
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    Google maps not working

    I tried but the problems still here
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    Google maps not working

    Hi to all, From 2-3 weeks Google maps is not working. I tried to reinstall, clear cache and other things. When I try to start the navigator with car Google maps stops working and I must close it. Anyone has a solution? Could be a problems of rom or app?
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    Camera interface is still old

    The same for me, I think the new interface is only for smartphones with 2 cameras on the back
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    Mi5s pedometer not work

    Mmm ok io non lo uso perchè ho il Miband che tiene conto dei passi. Hai acceso il GPS? Provato col GPS acceso o con la app mi fit aperta magari...
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    Mi5s pedometer not work

    Se ci clicchi sopra non ti apre nessuna app?