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    Mery Xmas all!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! Sent from my MIUI Incredible.
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    New Server

    Thanks guys for continuing to keep these forums up and running smooth! Sent from my MIUI Incredible.
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    *228 on Verizon causes force close

    Allows you to activate your phone or update your roaming capabilities (PRL). Sent from my MIUI Incredible.
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    Volume keys on the side of the phone will not go to vibrate (Incredible)

    I think that was built into the sense roms. It's not very hard to put the phone on vibrate though, pull down notification and tap the bell icon where it says "normal" and it should set it to vibrate. Sent from my MIUI Incredible.
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    I believe it slightly underclocks the processor when the screen is off and to keep from allowing "rogue" apps to consume a lot of power. Sent from my MIUI Incredible.
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    Which browser?

    For some reason I've stuck with xscope. It's simple and useful. Sent from my MIUI Incredible.
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    New forums

    As did mine, I was like why doesn't it remember my password anymore!? D: PS. Loving the new boards guys! Keep up the amazing work!
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    MIUI Developers VBulletin Full System Fund Raising

    Sent $10 as well! Awesome support from awesome guys. Thanks for all you do. Sent from my ADR6300 using the Forums App