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    Force 120hz for specific apps?

    Is there a way on HyperOS to force 120hz on specific apps? My main reason is that some of the games have "based on app settings" refresh rate change, but the game itself can only max out at 60 fps. On AOSP based roms and other devices it can go up to 120hz, so it isn't a game issue.
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    MIUI 14 120hz problem

    Hello. Does anyone know how to fix apps switching to 60 hz even though i have 120hz enabled? Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with xiaomi.eu ROM installed and rooted via magisk. Thank you.
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    Redmi note 10 Pro Refresh rate issue

    So I got this phone today, after 3 weeks of waiting, I realised that the 120hz does not work. I have turned on the FPS monitoring, ttps://imgur.com/a/drAmt8x , this is what it shows which is absurd. I wanted to ask should I refund this phone or is there a fix for this. The phone seems to go to...