1. F

    New Freeform button missing and unable to set custom AOD image on Poco F4

    As the title suggests, I'm facing two issues since updating from to and beyond on Poco F4 The first issue is: my freeform button is missing from the recents page. It was there on version The second issue is: I'm unable to select any custom image as my AOD. I go to...
  2. V

    Lockscreen notification

    Hello. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with ( and when I turn on lockscreen notifications, they just dont show. Even in the notification tray there are no notifications until.I unlock my phone. Does anybody know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  3. V

    New Lock screen notifications

    Hello Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G and running rom stable. The problem is that even though i have lockscreen notifications enabled, my lockscreen doesent show notifications. The only thing i think might cause problems is the super walpaper that im using. The weird thing is that...
  4. A

    [HELP] AOD on poço f3 doesnt Turn off in pocket.

    Nothing more to Stay then what is in title, testes myself in newest Stanley Miui 14 rom.
  5. P

    Poco X3 Pro AOD

    I saw many people install AOD through root directory, so could you please help me to install AOD please!
  6. coldhand25

    Pretty new to Xiaomi EU, how stable it is, how well does it work in Mi Note 10 Lite? (And some other minor questions)

    So, I've only just learned about Xiaomi EU, and I'm not quite sure if I understand everything about it correctly. So as far as I understand Xiaomi EU is based on the Chinese ROM - but, Google services are enabled. That's correct? Can I use any Google app, like phone, messages, gmail, pay...
  7. K

    Animations of AOD only working during battery charge

    Hey Guys! I'm on and since last update AOD is finally working. Thanks for that so far!!! After some reboots the battery drain also stopped. (It was not caused by AOD, I think it was some backround service) No my problem I want to report is as shown in title of the thread...
  8. axelmateuss

    AOD only when missed call or notification

    I was wondering if there is any possibility for AOD in works only when there's waiting notification - for example missed call, SMS, message? Like a replacement for notification LED which some our phones didn't get? I tried to work with Tasker and Macrodroid (users made even ready...
  9. iggyrom

    New 20.5.21 mi 9 AOD + Super wallpapers

    Hello! Sometimes I observe such a bug on the screen. The lock screen on the AOD is visible when Super wallpapers are installed. After unlocking, everything is fine. After a while again. I can’t specially reproduce it. Nobody met a stack?
  10. T

    New AOD "Outer Space" Animation off by 12 Hours

    I'm using the "outer space" ambient display animation on my 9T Pro with MIUI11. Initially all worked well but after a few days the animation was offset by 12 Hours (i.e. sunrise at 18:00). After going back and forth randomly changing languages/time zones/locations/timeformat(12hrs;24hrs)/turning...
  11. E

    New Mi 9 AOD bugs

    I installed latest eu beta romn on my mi 9 , everything going smoothly so far except that I have bugs with AOD , first it doesn't stick even I turned on always show items option , the AOD flashes bright for a moment then gets turned off completely , second it's always in the same place and...
  12. L ROM questions - help needed!

    Hi guys, Mi 9 is a great device, but not even MIUI 11 fixed its many notification issues. Does the rom fix this, especially the AOD notifications for 3rd party apps? Does installing this rom mean that I would have to root the phone and unable to use Google Pay and banking apps? Thanks!
  13. limb0ist

    Ambient Display Turning Off after some time

    I noticed that the AOD is turning itself off after sometimes. I noticed that this happens during the night. Is this intended or unintended? I'm using Mi9 and the screen is not facing down on a table.
  14. A

    Resolved Mi8 not Notifications on Telegram

    Hello, there, I have problems with my Mi8 Dipper on Rom(no matter which)among others with Telegram, so slowly it's just annoying. I don't get any information about notifications, which is not good concerning my job. I've tried many clients but after a while no notification comes in...