app crash

  1. B

    New Mi 11 Ultra - MIUI 13 - 22.24.12 - Problems with FIMI Navi 2020 (Drone app)

    Hello everyone, i have problem with app for drone fimi x8 se 2022 App name is "Fimi Navi 2022", on miui 12.5 works perfectly. On my wife Xiaomi MI 10T pro on 12.5 works perfect. If i clear all data in app work in half functions.... when i use any option like show files from card or i go to...
  2. A

    Invalid Please help: No sound / video and screen recording on Mi 10. MAJOR BUG WARNING!

    Hello Xiaomi Community! Recently I encountered a major bug while using the built in screen recorder app on my Xiaomi Mi 10 phone. After using it twice (while having the system sounds option selected in the settings page of the app) my phone now no longer plays any sounds of any kinds be it...
  3. J


    When using background-foreground applications that use the network, choose to close one of the applications or reduce the quality of connection to the network, even if they are performing activities that consume few resources either in the background and in the foreground or both at the same...
  4. jackjsa

    Resolved Gallery app crash

    MIUI EU Stable V12.0.6.0 on Mi9T Pro/K20 Pro have bug, Gallery app crash when making clip
  5. V

    Invalid Mobile Banking Issue

    Hi, I flashed EU Rom on my CN Rom device since March this yr.Everything worked fine except when I flashed the Android Q. I'm from Ph and I have mobile banking apps installed in my phone, specifically BPI and BDO. After flashing Android Q, I can no longer open mg BDO app, but still can on my BPI...
  6. A

    New App vault Crash

    When I open mifit app, the app vault crash. Attached are screenshots... I could notbattach the screen shots
  7. V

    Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Apps Crash After the New MIUI 10.2 Update

    Hello! After the last MIUI 10.2 update, all apps on the phone constantly crash like once in 40 minutes, and the wallpapers installed go back to the default ones. Like when I wach video on YouTube, it just suddenly stops, and when I exit to the home screen, it like waits for 2-3 secs to load the...