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    Invalid Black Screen on Mi 11 Ultra

    Hello I have buyed an mi 11 with Original Rom. After waiting 7 days for unlocking the bootloader sucessfull, i have installed twrp 3.5.1. (star). After rebooting the phone i got a black screen and when i plug in to the pc (Win11) i see the phone in the device manger. but i cant get in to the...
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    New SYSTEMUI restarts when opening notification center

    this happens with CATALAN maybe with other languages, but idk proof of bug: device: Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) rom: MIUI 12 beta 20.4.30
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    Urgent Help needed, Rom MIUI12 K20 Pro Black Screen

    Hello everyone, I'm super stressed because I tried to install MIUI 12 beta on my Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro(K20Pro), I downloaded the latest version from Then I downloaded adb and TWRP. So I managed to get TWRP on my smartphone: I was able to search in my smartphone for the update file and I...