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    Cannot Access Recovery (redmi 3 / Twrp)

    I'm facing a problem while trying to update to the latest weekly! Currently I'm running MIUI 7.3.30 on my Redmi 3 Pro (ido) and I wanted to update to 7.5.11. Unfortnately, I can't access the recovery so I am not able to update! Everytime I try to boot into recovery the system reboots...
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    Universal Tool For Managing Mipad 2

    Hi, Here is a first version of universal tool for MiPad 2, that allow you 1. Change bootloader state (lock, verified, unlock) without wiping/damaging your data partition. So no format, no 963 error. 2. Allow to fix problems with Market (applications not downloading, error 963 an so on), fixing...