bootloader unlocking

  1. S

    Xiaomi unlock Bootloader Problem

    I did everything according to the instructions, I created a Mi account and verified my phone number and now I'm trying to unlock the bootloader all the time, but I always get the same error (picture) please help
  2. R

    Unlocking Bootloader and flashing MIUI EU version on Mi 11 via Mac OS?

    Hello everyone :emoji_wave: As the title suggests, I was wondering is there a way to unlock your bootloader and then flash a fresh install of MIUI via Mac OS? All I've found is some third-party tool called XiaoMiTool V2 but it's posted by the creator on the XDA forum back in 2017 I think so I'm...
  3. Amritph1

    Can anybody help me with unlocking bootloader issue.?

    I cant unlock bootloader . I received unknown chinese reply for error..