1. andrzejfashion

    Eyecon as default dialer - not working

    Hello, Huge request for help: how - effectively! - change the default application for making calls. I have Eyecon set as the default application (as in the screenshot), I click the icon, it's ok, but the system phone is still on. In the case of incoming calls, the system phone application is...
  2. devang98

    How Can We Activate Caller Id In Miui 9 The above like shows how to activate, however when I go into settings I am not able to see "Identify Unknown Number" is this something that is not there on the .eu rom ?
  3. loadbalancer

    New In-call Volume Can't Be Further Decreased?

    Hi guys, Device: Mi5 64GB Version: 6.5.19 I have the phenomenon that i can't decrease the volume during calls under a specific value. Neither when i try with the Vol+ / Vol- keys, nor in the settings: The marked bar can't be more lowered than currently set in the screenshot. Sounds crazy...