camera settings

  1. B

    Any changes about camera between xiaomi eu rom vs miui developer rom for redmi note 5 ai?

    Hello bro and sis. I would like to change from miui 10 china dev rom to xiaomi eu rom because I want to have more functions in camera. Redmi note 5 only come with two options in camera manual mode, but I want to take low expoure photos. Thanks.
  2. Arguuo

    New Camera App Crashes When Settings Have Been Changed

    Default Camera app is working properly when I don't touch the photo settings (inside the camera app on the top right), but if I change the photo settings (as the contrast, color saturation and the sharpness setting) the app FC each time I'm taking a picture. Phone : MIX 2 Version : 9.3 - 8.1.18...