1. vlachorumsapiens

    Best Google Camera for Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Redmi Note 7 Pro is arguably the best mid-range camera smartphone money can buy. The Sony IMX586 sensor is capable of delivering amazing photos even in the most difficult lighting conditions, and while the stock camera app already does a fine job, why not push the sensor to the very limits to...
  2. T

    New Translation missed

    Hello, I saw a translation the MIUI eu guys have missed. It's in Settings > Battery > Optimisation. I believe it is something connected to the fingerprint and it is in Chinese. Here's a screenshot. I am on Poco F1, 8.11.23 EU.
  3. J

    [Mi 8 SE] Problem Unlocking Bootloader on the Chinese ROM

    Hi, My Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Chinese ROM arrived today, I'm french and I do not read mandarin at all. After comparing with videos showing the english version, I managed to: Connect to my Mi account Get into developper mode Switch on OEM unlock bootloader Switch on USB debugging Click on Mi Unlock...
  4. Boar_Sebastian

    Wallpaper Carousel - Not The Same In Chinese Developer And In The Multi Rom

    I installed the chinese developer version on a different redmi 2 note phone than mine. I realized that there are way more wallpapers on the chinese edition than the EU one. We have a very limited choice. The chinese wallpapers come with chinese text on them, but I don't care because of the huge...