clean flash

  1. M

    How to perform a clean flash?

    Now I'm on stable 12.5.13, I've flash over lineageOS and format data, now it's working but I saw some strange bugs. How can I clean flash As I know I shouldn't wipe system or vendor partition.
  2. B

    The ~ultimate guide to unlock bootloader, use twrp, flash beta from stock rom, setup and hide magisk + edxposed for mi 10 umi, use LP, plus extra tips

    It's a bit hard for newcomers to do all these when they want to start using the xiaomi eu rom, so after some of us were talking about making a guide for all these for mi 10 (because it may require a kinda special process) I decided to actually make one. Tjis may save you some time. This works...
  3. Business_Kokuna

    New Random reboots or shutdowns since update to MIUI 12: Mi Mix 2 (chiron)

    Since the update from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12 I face the problem that my device randomly shuts down or reboots. I had the latest TWRP from playstore. I installed the latest specific TWRP for my device ( and tried to flash again. Didn't work. Of course I always did the clean...
  4. R

    How to do a clean flash?

    Hi everyone, I have a mi 9 and I want to clean flash the stable miui 11 ROM. I have read on multiple sites about how to do this but they said different things: - One site said to do a factory reset (but I remove my zip files as well?) - Another site said to just wipe my dalvik/cache/data -...