1. N

    New [MIX 4] [22.3.16/24/30] Notification delays, background apps do not keep running

    Basically, it seems like versions 22.3.24 as well as 22.3.30 have an issue where, after locking the phone and waiting for 5-10min, notifications will not get updated anymore. Apps such as Gmail, Discord and WearOS will not update unless opened, even if battery management is disabled and the app...
  2. Burretploof

    Poco M3 unreliable texting and calls / slow to receive texts and calls

    Hey everyone, I got a new Poco M3 recently and while almost everything works, I do have some issues with calls and texts. Texts (2FA for example) often only arrive after multiple attempts, I have to keep hitting "send again" buttons until I maybe receive one (!) of those texts. Similar things...
  3. E

    New -

  4. D

    Mi Home Aqara Delay Before Alert

    Hi there, I attached a few door sensors and body sensors to my aqara hub and set them to trigger the alert when my house is "armed" with the arm button in the app. So far so good. It all works and I use geolocation to arm and disarm the house. There is a delay you can specify when you arm the...
  5. FireEmerald

    Mail App Delay

    I'm using the build in mail app of MIUI. If i read or move a mail using the app and then take a look at my mail account using the homepage or Outlook (about 30min later) nothing is updated - mails are still unread or unmoved. Does the mail app only update the made changes in 1 hour intervals...