1. M

    Schedules for DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.

    Hi all, I got a new Xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G recently running MIUI Global 12.5.3, and while overall this phone is very good, there is one disappointing thing related to Do Not Disturb mode. And I'd very grateful if Mi 11 lite users can confirm or deny whether they see the same behavior or not. The...
  2. PelicaN

    New DND activates on time plan but doesn't deactivate and flip to mute doesn't work

    The do not disturb mode on Miui12 Pocophone F1 isn't working properly. When I create a time plan e.g. from 11pm to 7am the phone gets to DND at 11pm but it still stays at DND after 7am. I have to deactivate DND manually every day. I already deleted the time plan and created new, but still the...
  3. R

    New DND on Mi cc9/mi 9 lite after Android 10 update

    Hello, after updating to android 10, both on the global version and on the xiaomi eu there is a bug. In Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, system sounds are still enabled! For example a whatsapp message sent! Can it be resolved in any way?
  4. tueem

    Override DND on an application basis (just like Pixel/other Android versions)

    So basically all the major Android versions and AOSP/Pixel itself has this toggle at each app notification settings: "Override Do Not Disturb". What this does is: The app will make a sound/vibrate - do whatever you set for it's notifications - regardless of the DND status. This is a musthave...
  5. extpumajl

    New Mi9 | 20.1.4 | DND Bug

    I have noticed this issue a long time ago, just after release of the first MIUI 11 beta for Mi 9. Scheduled dnd turns off when you delete any app or delete app cache. Here is the video:
  6. J

    Notification Sounds While Playing Music, Even In Dnd Mode

    Hey guys, Whenever I play music via a headset or Bluetooth and get a notification, the music volume lowers and a notification sound is played. Even when I have my notifications sounds off or when I have do not disturb on. This is with any music app and I have this on miui 8 and 9. Is there any...
  7. Multed

    New Bug: Turn Off Notification Sounds But Hear Ringer

    Hi! I consider it a bug to not being able to turn off the notification sounds but leave the ringer (phone call) turned on. This is a usual setup for several other phones. I really need this while at work. I need to hear when someone calls but the notifications gets annoying in the office...
  8. A

    Silent Mode After Dnd

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it's a bug or a feature in the ROM (or maybe a lack of knowledge on my side), but I have the following problem: So I have Dnd mode repeated automatically every day, but every time it is over, the phone switches to normal mode. However, I would like to keep it in...