1. sunilh121

    MI 11 stuck on Fastboot mode

    My Mi 11 is stuck on fastboot. The phone is unlocked and Miflash tool finds it but fails on the below status. adb command doesn't find the device via cmd. The phone is unlocked.
  2. S

    is 5 antivirus software scanning at the same time for 1 months is causing bootlop for redmi 5orvirus

    title read it please help i taked it to mobile repair shop and it flashed it now i cant even recover the apps because i just created a new google backup i was dumb how i recover the clean master bookmarks please i dont know if i taked out the battery would help or draining the battery to 0%...
  3. N

    Stuck on fastboot

    Hey! Can somebody help me? Almost 3 months ago I'v tryied to set up MIUI on my device, and now im stucked on fastboot screen. I'v tryied to reboot through PowerShell itsnot helping.I have watched a lot of video tutorials and read a lot of forums, i cant find any solution.
  4. E

    Invalid MI9 does not turn on

    Hi, I can't restart My Xiaomi Mi 9 for two weeks now, and the FastBoot's methods don't work. However, I can still turn my phone back on after it runs out of battery. The phone works normally but turns off automatically after a while (a few minutes to several hours). And I have to wait until the...