fastboot rom

  1. E

    Fastboot ROM

    Hello everyone, I need fastboot ROM for dipper if available.
  2. N

    Xiaomi mi 11 ultra update

    Can anyone tell me when comes a new update for Xiaomi mi 11 ultra via fastboot?
  3. D

    How do I install miui 12 stable by fastboot?

    I have the version 11.0.2 and I download the miui version 12.0.1, but it won't let me download it by fastboot
  4. BlackRose07

    looking for the chinese beta android 10 fastboot rom

    guys maybe there is someone here who happen to have a copy of any official chinese beta fastboot rom with android 10, please... I don't know if I should be asking here... sorry but I don't know where to look and who to ask, already googled it but no hits