full screen gestures

  1. T

    Problem with fullscreen gestures after Update to 20.11.5

    Hi there. After Updating mi Mi 10 Ultra to 20.11.5 / Android 11, I have the Problem, that the fullscreen gesture 'Back to Homescreen' doesn't work. All other gestures work fine. Has anyone an idea about this behavior? Thanks a lot in advance, tom
  2. Manutd99

    Full screen gestures animation problem

    Hi everyone I have a problem in full screen navigation gestures animations, the animation of closing app (when you swipe up to go to the home screen and the app join into its icon) i lost this animation in swipe up gesture but its still there when you leave the app with "go back" gesture. i hope...
  3. LittleWhole

    New Mi 10 Pro, stable v12.1.2.0 - Full screen gestures do not work if 3rd party launcher is set to default

    Hi, I just upgraded my Mi 10 Pro to stable v12.1.2.0, based on Android 11. As a full screen gestures user, I noticed this immediately: the swipe up to go home and swipe up & hold to open recents full screen gestures do NOT work unless you set your launcher to "System launcher". The backswipe...
  4. S

    Can't install System apps from unofficial channel

    I tried to install new system launcher with new full screen gesture which find on chinese mi forums And when I tried to installed it "Can't install System apps from unofficial channel" appears Some people suggested use default browser and file manager to install it, but no luck... Can somebody...
  5. L

    Customisable Full Screen Gestures

    Hi I love this rom! But... Can you add a feature in the "next" release to customise all full screen gestures + also the home screen swipe up gesture anytime soon? I tried a few apps on rooted MI 9 SE device like Fluid Navigation Gestures, but most of them was buggy with this device. The...
  6. K

    Resolved [SOLVED] Recent apps not showing with gestures while using an app - 9.8.29 - Redmi 5 Plus

    The recent apps or "multi-task" view doesn't come up when I perform the gesture and I'm using an app, no matter how long I hold the view of the current application up, but it works when I'm in the homescreen
  7. L

    How this rom turn off physical buttons

    I use this rom (mi5s) some time ago and notice that I have in FSG(gestures) turn off physical buttons option (and it was very useful thx) my question - how you get this, how I can do such thing in other miui roms(I mean programmatically, not by use root solution apps)
  8. Z

    New [8.7.24]Full screen display option gone

    Device:Mi 5s plus After i updated to 8.7.24 the Full screen display option for the gestures is gone
  9. KamoDrzewiecki

    Full Screen Gestures On Devices Others Than Redmi 5/mi Mix

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if there's any mod allowing us to use full screen gestures from iPhone X and Redmi5/MI Mix on other Xiaomi devices. I just received my Redmi 5 Plus and it's amazing. Thanks in advance