home screen

  1. kamilnikodem

    New Backup and restore bug a home screen on miui 12.5

    I have a problem with Backup and restore option. I have auto-backup every day at 2:30AM and after update my phone to miui 12.5 (before 12.0) every time at 2:30AM my whole home screen is messy. Widgets are gone or not load and lots of apps in folder are outside folder. I need to move everything...
  2. P

    Invalid Cannot search apps from home

    The issue has been there for several versions now. Before I was able to search for installed apps with the Google search bar at the bottom of the home screen. I cannot anymore, the only way is to use the Xiaomi search bar. Am I being forced to use Xiaomi software? My device is Poco F2 Pro by...
  3. Manutd99

    Full screen gestures animation problem

    Hi everyone I have a problem in full screen navigation gestures animations, the animation of closing app (when you swipe up to go to the home screen and the app join into its icon) i lost this animation in swipe up gesture but its still there when you leave the app with "go back" gesture. i hope...
  4. S

    Change Home Screen Miui 8 (6.12.22)

    Hi. How do I set a screen to be a home screen? Didn't find any "make home" button or something.
  5. iRob87

    [mod] Home 4x6 Grid Size

    Hello guys, I finally managed to bring 4x6 grid size back to MIUI 8 Home screen. To apply this MOD you must have Root on your device. Then follow these steps: Download on your device (you can test it on any Xiaomi device, just let me know if it worked) this file Open Root Explorer (yes...