huawei watch

  1. ebiPrm

    Time issue on Poco F3 and Huawei Watch GT3

    There is an issue with my Poco F3 and Huawei watch GT3. when I connect my watch to my Poco F3 phone it shows the incorrect time. for example, if it's 2:30 it shows 1:30. but when I connect it to other phones like Huawei or Samsung it goes back to normal. I contacted Huawei services and they...
  2. Seresalf

    New Xiaomi home push notification issue

    Hi All, I have a XIaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro phone, and a HUawei Watch GT smartwatch. All notifictaions are working properly, except of Xiaomi Home. It does not send any notification to me watch even if it is enabled. Does anybody have any suggestion? Thanks in advance. Alf